Who are GOsC ?


The General Osteopathic Council are the regulator for UK osteopaths.  From their web site:


The GOsC's aims are:

  • To protect patients

  • To develop the osteopathic profession

  • To promote an understanding of osteopathic care

The GOsC:

  • Registers qualified professionals

  • Sets standards of osteopathic practice and conduct

  • Assures the quality of osteopathic education

  • Ensures Continuing Professional Development

  • Helps patients with complaints about an osteopath

Key points to remember…


· Osteopaths are skilled health care professionals.
· "     deal with pain every day.
· "     treat six million people suffering from pain each year.
· "     can help you with treatment and advice on self help.
· "     treat acute and chronic pain.
· "     can help prevent pain from recurring.


(courtesy of GOsC)


For more details visit: http://www.osteopathy.org.uk

Also see the British Osteopathic Association site at: http://www.osteopathy.org